September 13-29, 2022: Free Steel Bridge Lecture Series

Free Steel Bridge Lecture Series

Dr. Michael Barker, professor of civil and architectural engineering at the University of Wyoming.


The University of Wyoming, in cooperation with the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance, American Iron and Steel Institute, American Institute of Steel Construction, and the National Steel Bridge Alliance, will provide a free six-part live-lecture educational series that will cover the many aspects of designing, fabricating and constructing steel bridges.
The “Steel Bridge Education Lectures: From Concept to Delivery” six-part series will run from September 13-29, 2022. Lectures will be provided on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during those weeks from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm EDT.
Participants must complete and pass a quiz after each lecture to earn a Certificate of Completion at the end of the series, which can be used toward building their resumes and preparing them for jobs in the bridge industry.
The lectures will be delivered live by Michael Barker, Ph.D., P.E., professor of civil and architectural engineering at the University of Wyoming, via the WyoLearn Learning Management System. Dr. Barker has over 30 years of experience in bridge design and construction.
The lectures can be viewed synchronously (in real time) and asynchronously (recorded version).
Space is limited, so please register immediately to reserve a spot (if space runs out, this series may also be available in spring 2023).


Module 1: Bridge Infrastructure, the Steel Bridge Industry and Bridge Steel
The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) & the National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA), Bridge
Infrastructure, Steel Bridges, Steel Production & Types of Steel, and Benefits of Steel Bridges

Module 2: Short Span Steel Girder Bridge Economics & eSPAN140
Initial Costs of County & State Case Studies, Life Cycle Costs, and eSPAN140 Standard Short Span
Steel Bridge Design

Module 3: Multi‐Span Steel Girder Bridges & SIMON: Designing Multi‐Span Steel Bridges
Designing Multi‐Span Steel Bridges Economical & Effective Design & Basic Detailing NSBA Design
Guides SIMON and SIMON Design Example

Module 4: Detailing, Fabrication and Durability & Corrosion Protection
Common Bridge Steels & Availability Design for Fabrication & Constructability Review Design
Detailing for Economy Fabrication of a Steel Bridge Durability & Steel Corrosion Protection
Systems Weathering, Stainless, Galvanizing, Metallizing, Painting

Module 5: Accelerated Bridge Construction Applications
Accelerated Bridge Construction, Substructures, Superstructures & Case Studies.

Module 6: Manufacturer Bridge Solutions Showcase
Intro to Manufactured Bridges Manufacturer Case Study Showcase Panel Beam Bridge – Acrow
Folded Steel Plate Girder ‐ CDR Maguire Press‐Brake Tub Girder – Con‐Struct/Valmont Panel
Beam Bridge ‐ Contech Buried Steel Structure – Lane Modular Beam Bridge ‐ TrueNorth
Standardized Truss Bridge ‐ US Bridge Modular Rolled Beam – Wheeler

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September 13-29, 2022

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