Testing, Monitoring and Finite Element Modelling of the KTH Bridge

Testing, Monitoring and Finite Element Modelling of the KTH Bridge

How can you Test, Monitor and integrate the results with a Finite Element Model on a real infrastructure? Welcome to our Webinar from Dewesoft and StruSoft!

During this webinar that will be held Thursday (25/04) , Dewesoft and Daniel Colmenares will be accompanied by their StruSoft FEM Design Technical Specialist Shaho Ruhani, to present the KTH Bridge project, integrating measurements for Structural Health Monitoring and Finite Element Models to validate the consultant of bridge engineers!

Daniel Colmenares will present the KTH Royal Institute of Technology post-tensioned bridge dynamic characterization, testing and application of Experimental Modal Analysis and Operational Modal Analysis to understand the actual behavior of the KTH Bridge using Dewesoft X, and Dewesoft Artemis with Structural Vibration Solutions A/S.

Shaho Ruhani will present the best practices to model the KTH Bridge considering boundary conditions, type of elements, links & interactions, geometry, mesh convergence and how to get best of your model using FEM Design StruSoft.

Whether you have experience with similar challenges in Structural Health Monitoring and Bridge design calculations or not, you are guaranteed to learn more about it and be part of the Bridge Engineering community!

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Thursday, April 25, 2024

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